The Doomenicus project started on January 2001 by the will of Domenico Caruso (huge fan of the Doom Metal scene since the tender age) with the support of Baron Frankenheimer on guitars. The first demo, released in July 2001 with the title “Suffering Of Souls”, includes Domenico’s first compositions and since the beginning he shows a well defined style hugely influenced by the metal pioneers “Black Sabbath” (Ozzy-era) as well by the more recent “Dead Can Dance” without excluding all the other bands from the Doom/Gothic 80’s scene. But what impresses most of all is the remarkable maturity that shines through the treatment of the issues addressed in the lyrics (clearly of Christian’s inspiration). The recordings take place at the Marco Maffei’s “Audiolabs Studios” sufferingand despite the lack of resources the quality is extremely professional. Positive are the reviews from the various magazines of reference for the genre (such as Grind Zone, Metal Shock, Metal Hammer, Power Zone). However, this promising project undergoes an abrupt halt that has lasted five years due to a lack of musicians willing to continue the musical journey together with the founding member Domenico, even then likely to constitute a complete band with all the roles filled instead of a duo, perhaps also to improve the searching process of his own artistic and musical identity. However the obstacles do not break his ambitions due to the determination shown by continuing to write fresh compositions and constantly seeking new and experienced musicians. One Saturday evening in November, Domenico and Murnau decide to give a free rein to their musical ambitions and passions by going on a rehearsal room of their city armed with a vintage-style tape recorder. The result is a pure jam session in doom-metal style of over 27 minutes with Domenico in the double role of guitarist-singer (in the form of lament) and Murnau on drums. This is how the duo “Remember November”, which later released two self-produced demos, is born. Coming back to Doomenicus project in ‘October 2006 to the two quarters of the band already operative (Domenico here for the first time engaged in the dual role of singer/bassist and Murnau on guitar) are added, the two trained and competent musicians (and brothers) Iubal and Crazoyde (guitarist and drummer respectively). bio2With the last pieces of the puzzle now completed the preparations for a comeback resume and due to the quantity and quality of the work are set the standards for the creation of new and future compositions. With renewed vigor and artistic spirit, the band composes now with ease and in no time. Just think that in the month of March 2007 are baked three new songs (included then in the “Promo 2007”). These three compositions (“Cold Embrace”, “Mercy And Forgiveness” and “She Haunts You”) will be used as the base and reference model for the processing of the first full-length entitled “Sacred” (2009).sacred To report in this period (November 2008) is the participation at the prestigious Austrian festival “Doom Over Vienna” where the band gets a great feedback of both public and fame. As said before, in 2009 (exactly in March) is released the album “Sacred” characterized by a very professional recording (by the always reliable Marco Maffei at the “Audiolabs Studios”). The sound now, as it is structured, finally honors all the band members efforts which by the way aren’t the only to be satisfied by the ending result, in fact it’s almost unanimous the critical acclaim by the webzine of reference for the genre (amongst many we can mention:,,,,, italiadimetallo. com,,,,,, that with their widely positive reviews have pushed the album sales also (and especially) abroad. In September 2009 Murnau left the band and is replaced by the new guitarist Malphas and with him they proceed on the composition of new songs. In April 2010 they participate at the internationally renowned Swiss metal fest “Elements Of Rock” thus reinforcing their foreign fan-base. bio3_1However the turning point is around the corner: the band in October 2010 via an official statement, released through their official pages on the various social platforms of the web, is declared disbanded for personal reasons and this will mark a second and unexpected stop. However this time the desire of continue is too strong and the pause lasts only a few months. In April 2011, the group is again reassembled and surviving members of the pre-dissolution are only Alessandro Corsico and Domenico. Are now included among the ranks of the band Gianluca Maffei on drums, Federico Mercurio on the guitar and Alessio Damelj on bass.bio1 Thanks to the entry of this last member Domenico decided hereinafter to devote himself exclusively to the execution of the sung parts abandoning his instrument and thereby obtaining a singing and scenic interpretation more expressive and of impact. Preparations are underway for the recording of a new album and there are plans for future gigs where the band we are sure that will give its best to evolve all its powerful, dark and threatening sound tinged at the same time with lyrics that speak of faith and hope thus creating always an interesting and immersive contrast in the sign of the authentic and pure Doom Metal.

endless In June 2012, the band entered the studio to record the new EP “Endless” finished the recording sessions in March 2013. Shortly after, Alessio Damelj left the band for personal reasons, will be replaced by new bassist Maurizio Casorio.